Human Touch

Now that I have your attention. On my walk yesterday this came up on my playlist. (Don't judge!). And the chorus just hit me hard. For several reasons.

Still kind of numb.

It’s not disbelief. But it’s most certainly not sunken in fully.Eric Church is the CMA Entertainer of The Year. He won. We won. EMI won. QPrime won. TeamUMG won. At the most awkward time to win Entertainer of The Year. He said it himself. “If there was ever a year not to win this award.”... Continue Reading →

Here Endth The Lesson

This is how Malone is introduced in The Untouchables. I know many will say James Bond is his greatest role. And they may be right. But Malone was his Oscar winner and in my opinion, this role was his greatest character. Maybe not most iconic, but his greatest piece of work.

One More Ride…

Eddie Van Halen is no longer with us. Like Bowie, Prince, MCA, George Michael over the last several years. Building blocks of my musical DNA, the ones that set my mind on fire when I was young. Gone.

Covid 19: My First 200 Days

It's true. It's been 200 days since we got home from my nephew's wedding and everything shut down. I thought I would take a moment, reflect and just share some random thoughts, musings, observations and words on this unique moment in time.

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