Thoughts. Emotions. Frustration. Disbelief. Inspiration. Hesitation.

Thoughts: Is this the tipping point? Can it reach a level that it impacts law, real change and elections (local, state and national)? George Floyd is not a hero, he is not a martyr, he is a victim. It’s not about him, it’s about the 8:46. And to quote my pastor from yesterday, “It’s pain, wrapped around pain.” Click here to watch my pastor talk about this.

He should not have died. But it’s the pain, that’s wrapped around THAT pain. It’s about Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Philando Castile, Breonna Taylor and many others. It’s about years, decades of pain. It’s about social injustice. It’s about the majority turning a blind eye. It’s about silence being complicit. It’s about government not representing all Americans. It’s about lack of opportunity. It’s about systemic racism. It’s about being seen. It’s about being heard.

Emotions: My heart is heavy right now. I see friends posting things. Comments that sadden me. Things said that anger me. I watch the news, and hear “professional journalists” pushing an agenda. Saying things to grab that next 24 hour news cycle and get ratings, clicks and viral points. I see politicians trying to be on the “right side of the issue”, instead of doing something about the issue.

Frustration: Watch Dave Chappelle’s 8:46. It’s on Youtube. He brings up some very good points. This is raw. This is unguarded. If you don’t understand the frustration African Americans are feeling, watch it HERE.

Disbelief: 2 African Americans hung from trees in California over the past two weeks scares me. They are saying they are both suicides. Lord I help so. Because if they aren’t, I can’t imagine what will happen.

Inspiration: Three Marble Falls HS graduates organized a rally that over 500 people attended for Black Lives Matter. They organized WITH the local police to make sure it was peaceful. There was young/old, black/white/Hispanic/Asian, there was all walks of life. It was beautiful. Loved seeing Emily Chavez, Aaron Chavez, Jon Clark, Bryce Gage, Gabrielle Hunt Rinker and more out there. And being there with Faith was something that I will never forget.

Hesitation: Is it my place? Can I speak out on these things? I am a white man about to be 50 who lives in Central Texas. I’m not qualified. I have not walked in those shoes. Who cares what I think?

But I am the one that needs to speak up. Yes, the 50 year old white guy. We are the ones that need to teach our children. We are the ones that need to vote, and get young people to register and vote. We are the ones that need to challenge others, with love and respect. We need to get involved. Get “in the game”. No longer stand on the sideline. How’s that done?

We are the ones who need to LISTEN.

We are the ones who need to SEE.

We are the ones that need to ACT.

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