25 years.

Today marks my 12th year with EMI/Capitol/UMG Nashville. And it also marks my 25th year in Country Music.

Yea, one quarter of a century. That’s a lot to process. I just turned 50 six months ago. So that’s half of my life! I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

So many people I could thank. Mentors, bosses, fellow employees, inspirations. So many artists that I was/am lucky enough to work with. So many things I have seen, been a part of, and accomplished in my career.

But the ones I will mention today are Kelly, Liam and Faith. They have supported me, understood when I missed family things, and believed in me without wavering. This “crazy life” of mine is only possible by their “grounding influence” on me. I always had to “get home”, and that’s what kept my feet on the ground.

And I’m not done. I wanna “Louie Newman” this career of mine and finish in Country Music, and at UMG for sure. This pandemic has shown me what a great company I work for. You have no idea.

I am looking forward to Covid being over so I can break bread and hang out with my radio brethren IN PERSON! I wanna have eye to eye conversations, occasional arguments over music philosophy, and listen to great music together.

And when we get to have concerts again, I can’t wait to see my artists, and all artists for that matter on stage again. With the players and crews backing them up on the road! And the Country Music fans in every seat, locking arms, and singing to the rafters!

I love my Country Music family. I love my Country Music life. Praying I get to see you on the road soon as it’s safe.


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