A Day Of Reflection: My Black Out Tuesday

I work for a great company. They gave us a day off.
A day to reflect.
A day to reconnect with our community.
A day to take a stand against injustice.
What do you do with a gift like that?

In chronological order from yesterday.

On my walk, I was listening to a Prince playlist getting ready for my DJ MidLife set this weekend. Prince’s birthday is on Monday. And Mountains from Under The Cherry Moon came on. This line stuck with me ALL DAY. Singing it in my head over and over. https://youtu.be/_WmPeLOLDnA

Love will conquer if you just believe (oh yeah)
It’s only mountains and the sea
There’s nothing greater, you and me

I live in a very small town. Surrounded by a group of 3 small towns. I was really searching for something I could tangibly do yesterday. But there are not a lot of options. But poverty and hunger are real issues in my area. So I decided to go to the grocery store, fill up a basket and take it to 2 of our local food banks.

Hunger is not an issue of charity. It is an issue of justice. ~ Jacques Diouf

Switched playlists while running errands. We All Bleed The Same came on. By Mandisa, TobyMac and Kirk Franklin. I was brought to tears. https://youtu.be/HVKuA1s5I3o

Woke up today
Another headline
Another innocent life is taken
In the name of hatred
So hard to take (hey!)
And if we think that it’s all good
Then we’re mistaken
‘Cause my heart is breaking (tell it, ‘Dis) Are you left?
Are you right?
Pointing fingers, taking sides
When are we gonna realize?
We all bleed the same
We’re more beautiful when we come together
We all bleed the same
So tell me why, tell me why
We’re divided
If we’re gonna fight
Let’s fight for each other
If we’re gonna shout
Let love be the cry
We all bleed the same
So tell me why, tell me why
We’re divided

Dinner time. Yesterday was Liam’s 21st birthday. He’s 21 (I have to keep saying it to believe it). Not saying the parenting job is “done”. But the foundation is laid, we only guide him now when he asks. We offer advice, when he needs it. But to see my boy, now man, be passionate about injustice. Passionate about our country. To dedicate his life to the law, and a future of helping people. And possibly a life in politics to help make this world a better place. Couldn’t be more proud of him.

Then at the end of the day, I read about a Black Lives Matter protest that will be here in Marble Falls. The small town that’s bigger than my really small town. https://www.dailytrib.com/2020/06/02/marble-falls-black-lives-matter-demonstration-aims-for-unity/

A group of youth (all under 21), reached out to the Marble Falls Police Department to schedule and organize a protest. To show this small town that we are one people.

“I would like people to know when we say Black Lives Matter, it’s not about some lives being more important than others. This is an issue of equality and unity.” – Monique Breaux

I will be with these kids on June 13th. Because I believe in what they believe in. Because the youth will be the ones that change things. And I want them to know that an “almost” 50 year old white guy believes that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM are important, should be heard, are my equal and I have their back.

Don’t know if you “needed” to read this, but I needed to write it. Thanks for reading it.

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