My Problem With Alabama Voters…

Let me start with this… (slide out soapbox)

1.3 Million people stood up and voted. No matter your views on either candidate, there were some real issues, real concerns surrounding this election.

If you are conservative, you had an issue with Doug Jones’ pro-abortion, pro-Obamacare, pro-LGBT stances…

If you are liberal, you had an issue with his anti abortion, anti-Obamacare, pro Second Amendment stances. Not to mention all the stories swirling around him about bigotry and molestation charges…

I am not here to argue these points…

There were 2 million registered voters in Alabama, who did nothing. Who didn’t feel that this election was important enough to take 30 minutes and vote.

These issues weren’t important enough to get involved?

There are countries all around the world that would love to have what we have, the ability to have a voice, to make a difference, TO VOTE! 2 million people from Alabama threw that away yesterday…

There are many things that you can say are “going wrong” in our country. My opinion, APATHY is something that is TRULY tearing at the fabric of our country!

(slide back soapbox)

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