2017: I Love Year End Lists!

I love year end lists! Top songs, movies, sports events, books, technology, concerts, kids names, TV shows, news stories/events, whatever you can list and print I will read it.

Spotify just did MY year end list, and it’s pretty revealing!


That’s 556.5 hours of music! This doesn’t take into effect all the hours I spend listening to the stations I stream over the internet, or the radio I listen to locally here in the Hill Country (KBEY and KASE/KVET) or when I am on the road in another town.

U2 made my top 5 cause the lead up to the Joshua Tree 2017 show, I get a bit obsessed. Speaking of obsessed, Bruno Mars 24K Magic, at the start of this year, I wore that album out! I wonder why Eric Church, Brothers Osborne and Brandon Lay made the list…? 🙂

So here’s some real fun, they also made a playlist of MY Top 100 songs I listened to in 2017! The answer is YES, I am a musical freak… Over 1100 different artists, 95 different genres! Take a listen, it’s true…


I might just have to do a movie list before the week is out!

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