My Top 5 Country Songs of 2017!

For those of you “outside the business”, there is a radio trade magazine called All Access that takes everyone’s votes for the Top 5 country songs of the year, and then crunches them into “the list”.

For anyone who knows me, this is a pain staking process to narrow down “a love of songs” to just a Top 5. I mean really, how can you only love 5 songs in a year?

So here’s the Top 5 I am submitting via video, and the runner ups on a Spotify playlist!

And for all my friends “in the industry” they aren’t all EMI/UMG, but many are… ūüėČ

There are songs, then there are songs that matter! I first heard this alone in my office in Nashville, with tears in my eyes, I listened to it like 6-7 times in a row. What an unbelievable lyric, one that needed to be said at this moment in time! Then he goes on the CMA’s that night, and kills it live, all alone on stage…


My boys from Deale Maryland don’t play it safe. This is a hard rocking, in your face, aggressive record. Nothing else on the radio this year came close to it’s energy, the way it jumped out of the speakers, and if you were lucky enough to see them on tour this year, the 10 minute live version melts your face off… This also won CMA Video of the year!


What I love about Dierks, is he has “straight up the middle” big hits, but also takes big risks with his music, pushing the boundaries. This is one of those songs. Is there such a thing as a haunting love song? It’s an intense lyric, with such beautiful musicianship! And that’s his wife in the video, which adds even more depth to the song, cause it’s really about his love for his wife. #marriagegoals


Ok funny story about this song! I first heard it on KBEY, the local radio station in Marble Falls Texas. I came in during the first lyric, and couldn’t place the song. KBEY plays throwback songs from the 80’s and 90’s and when I first heard this song, I thought it was an old song I couldn’t place. So I Shazamed it! Was blown away that it was Midland. This throwback vibe sounds so fresh on the radio right now! Their look, their vibe, their groove makes em feel like The Mavericks to me (those who know me know that’s a big compliment)!


Just flat out GROOVE! The horn line, the lyric, the “swing” of it. Some music just makes you feel good, this is that song. After Lady A’s hiatus, they are back and killing it once again!


Runner Ups: (very close runner ups, no particular order)

Eric Church / Round Here Buzz – Just flat out great story telling, unique lyrics and emotional heft…

Jon Pardi / Heartache On The Dance Floor – Great groove, great mental painting. “Where she at tonight?”, I sing along everytime!

Aaron Watson / Outta Style – I will make the argument for this being the best earworm/hook of 2017. Straight up country record, unapologetic and proud of it.

Sam Hunt / Body Like A Back Road – No doubt the BIGGEST song of 2017. This guy knows exactly what a woman wants to hear, not objectification but appreciation.

Blake Shelton / I’ll Name The Dogs – To be honest, when I first saw the tease campaign, it scared me. Looked awfully “redneck” in print! Turned out to be the sequel to Honey Bee, and that’s not a bad thing!

Brandon Lay / Speakers, Bleachers & Preachers – The word play, the imagery, the picture he paints about growing up. “Between the Alpines and Old King James”, what a beautiful, original way to say Saturday night/Sunday morning!

Chris Stapleton / Broken Halos¬†– The voice, straight forward country and what a beautiful lyric.¬†“Don’t go looking for the reasons,¬†Don’t go asking Jesus why… We’re not meant to know the answers,¬†They belong to the by and by”

Brad Paisley / Today – Taking a moment in time, and dissecting how important that moment might be! It’s simply what Brad does best! His BEST song in 5 years IMO.

Darius Rucker / For The First Time – Darius had me when he name checked R.E.M. and Gary Allan’s Smoke Rings In The Dark in the first 30 seconds! When you’ve been married as long as I have, this lyric hits home. You have to work at keeping your marriage exciting and fresh, this song was a great reminder to keep reaching for that!


Well there ya have it! My Top 5 and my close runner ups, yes I only could get down to 14! Disagree with any? Did I miss one? What’s yours? Leave me your comments below…

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