Musings From The Trapane Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend…

Having 2 kinds of stuffing is better than having just one… (White bread and cornbread)

When your kids get older (one in college, one in high school), the holidays change, but they are still great!

“Your house is the fun house, that’s why we want to have Thanksgiving at your house” is the highest compliment you can ever receive!


Love is when one sister is lactose intolerant, and the other sister makes her small special versions of side dishes without lactose.

Happiness is when your son, who has to work on Thanksgiving afternoon (#retail), actually gets let out of work early and rejoins the party!

When your brother in law is a master at smoking meats, you let him cook the turkey! And he throws in a whole pork loin for fun.


You shouldn’t clean the gutters AND hang Christmas lights all on the same day. Ever pull a leg quad muscle, not fun. Get a sinus infection 3 days later, it happened.

A plate of leftover stuffing with gravy is considered a full dinner during that weekend.

Watching your kids STILL get excited when the ornaments come out of the boxes.


There are dogs in the world that just like to hold hands with you…

Christmas music is acceptable at some point Thanksgiving afternoon, after the meal. (Not before…)

The joy in your wife’s eyes when the whole family is talking, laughing and sharing stories in our home.



I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and hope you are looking forward to all the Christmas parties, activities and family time like I am!

More Christmas/Holiday blogs to come…  🙂

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