My Top 5 “Top Down” Country Songs

Summer is officially here! Memorial Day has passed, and June has arrived, so this seemed like a perfect topic for a Friday!

These are my top 5 beautiful warm weather, top down on the convertible, back porch on a beautiful evening songs… Not necessarily “summer songs”, but ones that go best with a great sunny day with no responsibilities!


Dwight Yoakam – Long White Cadillac

There is no doubt that this song is best played in a convertible! Those guitars, that voice, the guitar solo at the end, this song is just pure cool! Sittin in the back of a long white Cadillac…

Pat Green – Carry On

This song captures the “Hill Country Experience” better than any other song. It just sounds like Austin, Fredricksburg, Lake LBJ, Devil’s Backbone, etc… (One line NSFW)

Kenny Chesney – Got A Little Crazy

Kenny has many songs that can go on this top 5, but this one is my favorite. Partly because I played it as an album cut in Detroit, mostly because of the lyric. The song has a little more mischief, a little more edge than a normal country song about the next morning, if you listen very closely…

Jason Aldean – Hicktown

This song is just made for windows down and driving above the speed limit. Heading to your favorite beach, bar, lake or piece of property out in the country! Being who you are, leaving the city, and enjoying the country!

Eric Church – Livin Part Of Life

Always loved this song cause it’s a “centering” song for me. Sometimes you just need to shut off the world, and focus on why we do what we do, not what we do. For me that’s my family, and that’s the “livin part of life” for me. This is more of a Sunday afternoon, out on our porch, or at the lake with my family song.

What’s your Top 5? Cause everyone’s is different, put yours in the comments below…

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6 thoughts on “My Top 5 “Top Down” Country Songs

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  1. Love the list and can’t agree more your #1 song “Livin Part of Life” especially since the song wasn’t even going to be on. The album! Thank god for extra studio time!!

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