Spoiler Alert: Wonder Woman Is…

A better movie than we deserve! Once you see the movie, that’ll make more sense. 🙂

I really thought this movie was very well done! Here’s some thoughts in no particular order…

First of all Gal Gadot just chews up the scenery.


It’s like the camera is made for her. The movie feels “less than” when she’s not on the screen. There are certain actors and actresses that just pull you in, she has whatever “that” is. Whether it is a huge action scene, or a very intimate quiet scene with Chris Pine…


Speaking of that, the chemistry between these two was excellent. The boat scene was so very sweet, funny and awkward all at the same time. You could feel the bond grow between them throughout the whole movie…

2 things: The term “Wonder Woman”, never used in the movie… The 70’s theme song was also never used in the movie… One of those was surprising…

The special effects during the fight/battle scenes were amazing!


The way they freeze on Diana, the way they pause for a moment while there is wood, glass and people flying around, then go back to full speed. It’s like a comic book come to life… Oh wait, that’s what they did! Seamless, never once was “jolted” by the CGI, smooth as glass.

Hats off to the studio for hiring Patty Jenkins (Monster w/Charlize Theron) as director! This movie needed a woman’s touch to honor what Wonder Woman is all about. She got the “girl power” right in every way possible!

Great small roles by Robin Wright (Diana’s trainer on the island), David Thewlis as Sir Patrick (it’s Lupin!), and I especially liked Charlie played by Ewen Bremner. (Far right in picture)


Ewen played a sharp shooter who’s stuggling with taking more lives and the horrors of war in his past. His character was comic relief, and showed the price of war all in one character, I kind of wished they used him more…

Overall, this is certainly the best movie that has come out of DC Comics since Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy. Solid story, nuanced directing, brilliant effects, great acting, the best movie of the summer so far!

And I truly hope they took what they learned in this film and apply it to one that’s coming up…


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8 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert: Wonder Woman Is…

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  1. The Movie was insanely awesome!!!!! 😀 Just watched it over the weekend and it was excellently executed. Makes me look forward to any justice league movies that are in the works.

    Sherline 😀

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