I want “MY” MTV!

I want “MY” MTV!

So a couple of weeks ago I had several friends talking about MTV and it’s influence. Several people posted videos since Aug 1st is the anniversary of MTV’s launch. MTV was HUGE for me growing up. I remember specifically just running home from school and watching 2-3 hours every day!

So I thought to myself, what are the videos that influenced me? What are the songs that the video actually pops into my head when I hear it. Here is a short list of 665 songs! Yes that’s a lot, but as I started creating this, I realized my time window is 1981-1991 with a couple of 1992 videos. It has influences from not only the regular programming but 120 minutes, Yo! MTV Raps and Headbangers Ball!

So check out the link below, and enjoy 47 hours of classic MTV!

(Now the real question, do I build this playlist on YouTube????)

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