Ain’t It The Truth

One day I’ll see Lefty when my work is through
He’ll say son you were country, Oh ain’t it the truth

Daryle Singletary passed away this morning, he was only 46. When we lose one of our “Country Family” we all feel it, but this one is different, this one is WAY too personal…

When I made the jump from radio to records in 1998, I went to work at Giant/Reprise records. The home of Paul Brandt, Michael Peterson, Dwight Yoakam, Clay Walker and Daryle Singletary.

He was a southern gentleman, had a golden voice, and there was a joy in everything he did! “Old Soul” is a very good way to describe him, he had hits for sure but one foot was always planted in the past…

The very first Meet and Greet I ever worked was his. Meet and greets are nerve racking sometimes today, but you want the first one to go off without a hitch. Well I got all my radio people their passes, got em lined up, and ready to go. Double checked with the road manager to make sure everything was right, he told me to go down the hall, get Daryle and walk him in.

So I did just that, so in the hall way I extended my hand, shook his and said “I’m John Trapane, I’m your new SW rep”. Daryle said “Nice to meet you, by the way, Bubba says hi!” As he said this, with his other hand he gave me a “tap”, down low in the “male extremities”! It was a good shot too, cause I was doubled over coughing, Daryle stepped right around me and started hugging on the PDs that were lined up.

I am thankful that David Bubba Berry “got me” my first record job (I took his place), and for this well played practical joke that has become a cherished story I have told over 100 times!

Take some time today, and go listen to Too Much Fun, The Note, My Baby’s Lovin’, That’s Where You’re Wrong, That’s Why I Sing This Way and many more… (playlist below)


We’ll all rest in peace on that you can bet…
Oh you ain’t heard nothin’ yet!

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