Human Touch

Now that I have your attention. On my walk yesterday this came up on my playlist. (Don't judge!). And the chorus just hit me hard. For several reasons.

Small Rant: This is not the way… I am sorry. This is NOT how ANYONE should be treated. Ever! You may not agree with someone's views, opinions, politics, ethics or anything they may or may not stand for... But to shove a camera phone in someone's face and just start berating them? He's not at work, he's not in anyway there... Continue Reading →

I See You, I Love You…

Ever see/hear something that takes what you have been thinking and feeling and makes it crystal clear...? For the last several months, I have had a real issue with the way people, the press, politicians, friends, talk shows and even the comedy shows have been addressing the issues of today. It's not good, the rancor,... Continue Reading →

What is Love….?

What is Love…? Can it be expressed in words…? Is it a noun or a verb? Is it something you take or something you give? With Valentine’s Day this weekend, it’s on everybody’s mind… Love is... A kiss that lingers… A hug that comforts… A door opened… A smile shared… Love is... Holding hands... Dancing... Continue Reading →

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