It’s Too Soon.

Step up…

The election is 17 months away, the primaries are 8 months away. Tonight is not a debate, it’s “bloodsport”. NBC is in it for ratings/revenue. CNN/MSNBC will cover it cause it’s ratings and they live to “spin” and tend to their flock. Fox will feed “the meat” to the grinder. Trump will take potshots on Twitter. The late night shows are in it for comedic material.

There will be very little substance to inform the voting body. That’s what debates supposed to be, informing the electorate. With 10 people on a stage, do you REALLY think someone will have an informed opinion on a candidate when it’s over? Will ANY station give you a fact based, non biased analysis when it’s over?

I don’t think so. It’s too soon. I’ll wait till the herd is thinned.

…step off soapbox.

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