Christmas Songs: Underappreciated!

I love Christmas music! Don’t believe me, go look at my Spotify profile to see how much of a Christmas music geek I am!

There are some songs that have really hit me this year. Christmas tunes that don’t get enough “play” this time of year. So I thought I would share some of my favs, ones I feel are underappreciated every year! Tis’ the season of sharing ya know!


I Pray On Christmas / Harry Connick Jr

His album “When My Heart Finds Christmas” is probably in my Top 5. But this song hit me this year especially hard!

I pray on Christmas
All our problems gonna be worked out
I pray on christmas
God’ll show us what love’s about

Doesn’t get better than that!

Billy May – Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer Mambo

Such flat out great fun! Love the vibe, love the swing, love the “Kris Kringle”! If this doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit, I can’t help you!

Christmas Cookies / George Strait

Yes, it does get played on Country radio, and a lot more here in Texas. But if I had to make a case for one Christmas country song that should be played on all Christmas stations it’s this one. The lyric is brilliant, George delivers it with just the right amount of playfulness. This is a classic, and should be treated like one! Burl Ives is country people!

Christmas Everywhere / Rodney Crowell

A new Christmas album released by Rodney this year! The album is very unique, not traditional at all. This song just amazes me, serious guitar picking, lyrics that put a smile on your face and when Lera Lynn sings like an angel, she delivers an emotional punch you won’t forget! (won’t spoil it)

12 Days of Christmas / Straight No Chaser

Just pure brilliance! Unbelievable singing, great lyrics, and Toto! What else do you need? This one has been a “standard” in our house every year! Faith has it memorized! (and so do I)

Gloria / Mercy Me

“In Excelsis Deo” like you never heard it before. Driving drum beat, soaring guitars and such a killer bridge when it hits. Why not take a classic, recreate it as a straight up rock song! Totally original, and you will be singing this after just a couple of listens!

Marshmallow World / Raul Malo

For the Christmas music traditionalists, I may offend you here. But I feel this version is better than the Dean Martin version. There I said it, I will look for your judgmental comments below! (but it won’t change my mind)

What God Wants For Christmas / Darius Rucker

This is the song that inspired this blog. I kind of bristle when people say “The Reason For The Season”. I don’t know why, but so many people say it and it comes off as judgement? This lyric I think says it better.

I wonder what God wants for Christmas
What kind of gift from you and me
More sister, more brother, more lovin’ one another
Yeah, I wonder, I wonder what God wants
By now we oughta know what God wants for Christmas


Honorary mentions go to Silver Bells / Booker T & the MGs, Hey Santa / Brian Setzer, When Christmas Comes To Town / Polar Express Soundtrack, Silent Night / Taylor Swift, Jingle Bells / Diana Krall, Little Jack Frost Get Lost / Seth McFarlane & Norah Jones and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – We Three Kings / Barenaked Ladies with Sarah McLachlan.

Bonus Content:

I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday, if you missed it, or don’t follow me:

It’s the time of year for sharing! So I’ve been working on this for a couple of weeks. If you like your Christmas late 50’s, Rat Pack, Tom Collins glasses, taffeta dresses, cool suits and mixed drinks, this playlist is for you!

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One thought on “Christmas Songs: Underappreciated!

Add yours

  1. Ah, John!
    First, wishing you and Kelly a peace and grace-filled Christmas.
    You know I now live in Indiana … so your posting of Straight no Chaser gives me my very first “I love Indiana” post on fb. The rest of the music was great as well. THANKS!
    May 2019 be a challenge we can handle with God’s Grace. 😉


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