5 Albums I Am Currently Obsessed With

Those who know me, know that I am a bit of a “music freak”. What’s that mean? I listen to all kinds of music and gravitate towards what’s unique and good. The perfect illustration are the 5 albums I am about to tell you about!


Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga / A Star Is Born Soundtrack

Have you seen the movie? Go now! It’s so, so good! (No spoilers!) But this album is incredible. Bradley Cooper can sing! The lyrics are just amazing. Lady Gaga is just breathtaking on La Vie EnRose, Always Remember Us This Way and I’ll Never Love Again! (I prefer the “film version”, because I have seen it) The chemistry they have on Shallow makes it one of the best duets of this generation! I can’t oversell how good this album is. Listen, enjoy! See the movie and it gets even better!



Lucie Silvas / E.G.O.

The word “unique” is the closest I can come up with, but it doesn’t do this music justice. Is it country? Yes. Is it alternative? Yes. Is it retro? Yes. Is it modern? Yes. It sounds like the 50’s/70’s and today all mashed together. For you audiophiles out there it is very analog. (I need to get it on vinyl!) When I first heard Bonnie Raitt’s Nick Of Time, k.d. Lang’s Ingenue, Melissa Etheridge’s debut album, Sinead O’Connor’s The Lion & The Cobra, Miranda Lambert’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, they were revolutionary, groundbreaking, lyrically and musically original. Add Lucie Silvas’ E.G.O. to that list. Can’t stop listening!



TobyMac / The Elements

I am still getting into it, but wow! TobyMac has always pushed Christian music into “today’s scene”. His music has always been bombastic, in your face and aggresive. This album is something completely different. Very atmospheric, ambient? There is a minimalist feel to it. Pain and suffering balanced with hope and togetherness. He tackles some big issues on this album, and as always gives you the answer, Jesus. But it’s never preachy, because he’s been there in the struggles of life. Like I said I am still discovering this one after several listens, it just keeps getting better.



Eric Church / Desperate Man

Politics, love, standing up for what you believe in, frustration with the world and the therapeutic healing power of a jukebox and a bar. That’s just 5 out of 11 songs on this magnificent album. The more you listen, the more “morsels” you find lyrically. Not to mention the very unique musical choices. There’s nothing that isn’t supposed to be here on all these tracks. Every instrument serves the lyric, the story and the atmosphere that needs to be achieved. Eric has always been about the “full album experience”. When you listen, in order, the bookends of The Snake and Drowning Man will hit you between the eyes. (Disclaimer, yes I work with Eric Church, yes I may be biased about Eric, but I’m not wrong. Listen and tell me different!)



Tony Bennett & Diana Krall / Love Is Here To Stay

Just enjoy the vibe. The laid back feel of 2 classic voices accompanied by a stand up bass, piano and brushes on that snare. There is no need for soaring vocals, or a big horn line. This is about a nice glass of bourbon on the rocks at a lounge from way back when. It’s what romance sounds like. It’s beautiful because it’s intimate. Trust me on this, if you’re trying to “set a mood”, you can’t go wrong with this album!

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