There are no words.


WE have been here before.

I hesitated to write, with nothing to say that hasn’t been said before.

But yesterday morning, I saw this. And it ate at me the rest of the day.


I can’t comprehend the cowardice, the hate, the ignorance that manifested itself into one person. What motivates someone to open fire in a synagogue full of elderly people? Look at these faces. These are parents, grandparents, most likely great grandparents!

It sickens me. Actual stomach churning sickness.

Blame? Everyone has their opinion, and I believe there is plenty to go around. But what’s at the root? Why does this keep happening?

Words matter. Actions matter. Behavior matters. There is too much right and wrong. Black and white. No compromise. No nuance. Too much talking, not enough listening. Too much convincing, not enough understanding. Too much judgement. The vitriol is too much.

Stop showing a lack of respect for your fellow man/woman.

Stop tearing down.

Start elevating.

Start listening, understanding, empathizing.

Lift up people, change the conversation.

It’s gonna take more of this.


But it needs to start happening BEFORE a tragedy happens.

It’s gonna take EVERYONE to turn, whatever this is, around.

That’s my prayer, those are the words I need to find.

This is a good start…

Muslim Groups Raise Thousands for Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Victims

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