Dear Voter…

I saw this on Facebook. It REALLY hits home. That’s the ball game, isn’t it? I would do whatever it takes when it comes to my kids. Wouldn’t you?

So maybe we all need to do our homework, do our research, and vote with informed intention, not blind allegiance.

It’s about national races, state races AND local races. It’s about bond elections and propositions. Ask ANYONE who works in the political arena, they will tell you the local races are the most important. They do the most governing. They impact our lives the most.

So I just wanna put some thoughts out there. Say something that I feel needs to be said. And you may agree, you may not, that’s fine. But it’s something I need to say, out loud.

Do your homework.

Do your research on each candidate. Pull up some video, watch a stump speech if it’s out there. Read their websites, research their platforms. Take the time to know what they stand for.

Make your own choice.


This is YOUR vote. This is your decision. Don’t let the fervor of others sway you. Listen to them. Watch Fox News AND MSNBC. Take it all in.  Listen to different opinions. Just make sure you come back, make an educated decision, stick to what you believe and vote accordingly.

Vote for the person, not the party.

Who is going to do the best job? The best job for EVERYONE, not just the job for the ones that they agree with. Are they doing it for their supporters, or are they in it for their country, state, county, city they serve? Because every elected official should serve EVERYONE in their area of influence.

Don’t throw your vote away.


Every vote counts, every vote makes a difference, every vote is important. Not only for the process, but for all that came before us who sacrificed for this democracy. This is the one time where the events of the 1700’s are still felt today. Think about that! Think of the sacrifices made by women and minorities who had to fight for their right to vote, and the soldiers who have died for it.

The world is watching.

In case you didn’t know. Many of them don’t have the right vote, and don’t have a voice in what happens in the world around them. Can you imagine, sitting where they are and over 50% of Americans don’t even care enough to go out and vote?


I hear a lot of people saying, this election is “the most important election of our lifetime”.  The right to vote is precious, and should always be viewed that way. Every time you go to the polls.


So do your homework, get in that booth and make a difference. Because moments like these, every 2 years, should make you proud to be an American. I know I am!

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