Desperate Man: 11 Reasons Why

Eric Church’s new album is released today! I still get excited when a new album “hits the streets”. I still wind up at a store picking up a CD copy just to “have the experience”! The album is amazing, I am not only saying that because I work with him, but because IT JUST IS.

Eric lets the music speak for itself, so I thought I would do the same. Here’s 11 lyrics, 11 reasons why you should stream, download, buy this new album! I promise it’s worth the investment!

Some Of It

When you can’t take it slow
‘Cause time sure won’t
What really makes you a man
Is being true to her ’til your glass runs out of sand

Hangin’ Around

She’s the one holding my aces
And I’m the one holding my breath

Heart Like A Wheel

Can’t say there won’t be rough patches
Scratches from thorns and briars
Over or under, we’ll roll like thunder
As long as there’s tread on these tires

Hippie Radio

It was White Wedding and Rebel Yell on the hippie radio
I was a Werewolf in London, and she was Lady Marmalade’s soul

Higher Wire

I should run from you like a vampire does from daylight
But I don’t know how to quit ’cause I know what addiction tastes like


The wolf hunts a hungry man and the devil a lonely heart
A minefield of bad decisions lay hidin’ in the dark
Greed stalks, sickness steals, and pride lays a wicked trap
You can’t avoid ’em all, no, you gotta trust me on that

Jukebox and a Bar

May look like music, booze, and beer
There’s a whole more goin’ on in here
Than a jukebox and a bar

The Snake

Lie by lie, cheat by cheat
Venom in smiling teeth
They just run those forked tongues
And the whole world’s burning down

Desperate Man

I’m a half-cock, full-tilt, scarred-hands-to-the-hilt
Don’t-push-me grown-ass man


Everybody wants me to think like they do
Put my faith in somethin’ new
But this old school is tried and true, it’s solid

Drowning Man

We put the smoke in the stack
Put the seed in the ground
While Lady Liberty turns her back
And Uncle Sam just turns around
No I don’t wanna think about it
Oh tonight I don’t wanna think about it

Click to buy/download/stream.



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