My Top 6 (?) Summer Songs!

It’s July! It’s hot! We are in the “dog days” of Summer! So here’s my Top 6 songs about summer! Sorry, there was no way I could just go 5!

Summertime – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

Does this really need ANY explanation>>>?

Rum – Brothers Osborne

This song is about real people, what summer is really like for most of us. Making the best with what you got. BTW, this video is where they grew up, and there are NO actors, these are their friends and family!

Summer Nights – Van Halen

This song just captures the fun of summer! And in the 80s, nothing was better than Van Halen on a Summer night!  “Summer nights and my radio. well that’s all we need, baby, don’tcha know?”

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – American Girl

This song just sounds like America in the Summer! It feels like Summer. Top down on the convertible, wind in your hair!

When The Sun Goes Down – Kenny Chesney & Uncle Kracker

The other “Summer Nights” song! You could go with the one from Grease, but this one nails it for me.

Kid Rock – All Summer Long

it’s a Michigan thing, you wouldn’t understand! Unless you lived there. Summer in Michigan is totally different than anywhere else in America! Sun comes up at 6:15, goes down at 10pm. Lakes everywhere. 85 degree days all summer. If you haven’t swam in Lake Michigan on the west side of the state, book your vacation. Traverse City, Bear Sand Dunes, Manistee, Ludington, Holland, pick one and go!

Honorable mention: Pat Green – Wave on Wave, The Go Gos – Vacation, Little Big Town – Pontoon, Keith Urban – Til Summer Comes Around, Beach Boys – Good Vibrations.

What do you think? What did I miss? Comment, criticize, critique!

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