20 Hours Without A Cell Phone!

It was 3pm a week ago today. I plugged in my phone, my Droid Moto Z, on a turbo charger before I had to take Faith to the DMV. It was a big trip, time to get Faith’s learner’s permit. 90 minutes later, it said 33% battery. I thought to myself, “that’s weird!”.

Figuring I didn’t really plug it in, I hooked up the car charger and drove 20 minutes to the DMV, it now read 30%. Jiggled around the connection, it wasn’t charging. Faith told me not to worry, it’s probably just a bad cord.

But “the fear” had taken hold, I knew in my gut, my soul, the phone was dying.

As a matter a fact, the battery went from 28% to 0% in less than an hour at the DMV. And of course it took 2 hours for our number to be called. Positive note: Faith and I played the “ABC” game. Started naming bands in alphabetical order till one of us got stumped, then we moved to movie titles.

At 6:30pm we drove home, I plugged in the phone, nothing.

The fear became reality.

Why so fearful you ask? I had a 6:30am flight to Tulsa the next morning. Not only that, I had to meet Brandon Lay (my newest artist) and JP (his guitar slinger) at the airport and get them to a radio show that afternoon.


I live in “the country” so the Verizon store closed at 7. Couldn’t go to that store. So I got online and researched what phone I should get. The Galaxy S9+. I was saying goodbye to Motorola, been a loyal Droid phone guy for over 12 years. It was slightly emotional.

I proceeded, for 2 hours, to spend time on the phone with a Verizon Cellular Professional to help me navigate how I could get a phone in Tulsa the very next morning. Mind you Verizon is awesome, I owed over $300 to upgrade the phone, and we were out of warranty of course! Wound up only costing me $130 total with fees! Hence the 2 hours of negotiating!

I had to email, not text obviously, Brandon and JP. I let them know I would meet them at baggage claim the next morning. If there were any issues, I could not email or text them. No CELL PHONE! If there was actually an issue, I would message them on Facebook. Also if they hadn’t heard from me, and I wasn’t there, just Uber yourselves to the hotel. This is what you want for your artist, who’s in a town he doesn’t know. #veryprofessional

As all this was going on, one by one my family came in and wished me a good night. They kissed me on head, said it was going to be OK and went to bed. When it was all said and done, and it was 10:30pm.

Everyone was asleep.


THIS is when I realized that I had NO alarm clock. My CELL PHONE has been my alarm clock for like 9 years! We have no alarm clocks in the house anymore! I couldn’t wake anyone up and ask to use their phone?!? I stood there pondering this for about 10 minutes, in the hallway, lost like a puppy in the darkness. I then realized, with my powers of deduction that I could download an alarm clock app on my tablet, and use that.

Now it’s 11pm, good thing I need to wake up at 3:30!

When you travel early, the first thing you do is look up your flight status and make sure everything is on time. And you do this with, your CELL PHONE! Of course I already packed away my laptop computer, and didn’t have Southwest on my tablet, because I usually use my CELL PHONE! So I said a small prayer and headed to the airport, I was sure everything would be fine.

And actually it was! Checked right in. Did you know they still do boarding passes on “paper”?


It was so old school, I decided to listen to some Run DMC on my bluetooth headphones. But I didn’t because, you guessed it, Spotify is on my CELL PHONE! No music for me on this flight!

Flights were on time, no issues. I land in Tulsa 45 minutes before Brandon and JP, get my bag off the luggage carousel and head to the rental car counter. My good friends at National Rental Car say, “I’m sorry sir, I don’t see your reservation. Do you have your confirmation number?” Of course I don’t, why? Because the National app is on my CELL PHONE! “Well sir, we don’t have any cars.”

So I need to call my travel agent, wait, can’t do that! No CELL PHONE. Walked to the other rental car places, no one had cars, except Budget, they had a Prius. That wouldn’t work. Have you tried to find a “pay phone” in an airport lately? Couldn’t find one, and if I did, I don’t carry change. Luckily I did have my tablet, got on the airport wifi, and got on National’s website. Reserved a car, and “MAGIC” they had a car available! By the way, they were great at National, really tried to help me out!

Got the keys, went to baggage claim just in time to meet Brandon and JP. Good thing they had phones, cause I had no idea how to get to the casino. You see Google Maps is on my CELL PHONE!

Once I had dropped off Brandon and JP, I used what they call “a map” to find the Verizon store. Also made of “paper”.


Once there, the folks were extremely helpful, handed me my new Galaxy S9+. It was so new, so shiny! I turned it on, the colors were vibrant, it felt good in my hand. And there, on the screen as it booted up, was my son’s phone number! In one fell swoop, I had no phone, and it automatically turned Liam’s CELL PHONE off as well!

Needless to say, this was a problem, and to find out not so easily fixed. My new friend Ramon Ortega from Verizon worked on the issue for about an hour, and resolved the problem like a champ! I am loyal to Verizon, because of people like Ramon!

Ramon saved me, and ended my time in the desert, my 20 hours without a CELL PHONE!

May this be a lesson to you! Care for your phone, treat it well, it’s is invaluable! Get the extended warranty, let it know you care! You don’t want to go 20 hours without it, trust me.

I love you CELL PHONE!


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