I LOVE when social media becomes TRULY entertaining!

If you are not aware this happened on July 1st.


Alex Jones, host of Info Wars, was serious in his conspiracy! But what he gave us was pure comedy gold, as Twitter blew up with the hashtag #secondcivilwarletter! And yes it totally “broke the internet” July 3rd and 4th!

This, I dare say, is even better than #covfefe!

If you missed it, here are some of my favorite ones! Both “sides of the aisle” take a hit here! (If you are offended, wait for other posts of mine to take me to task. Please, just try to enjoy brilliant writing and true comedic inspiration!)

cwlcwl2cwl3Screenshot_20180703-205325Screenshot_20180703-205721Screenshot_20180703-205733Screenshot_20180703-205946Screenshot_20180703-210104Screenshot_20180703-210647Screenshot_20180703-211019Screenshot_20180703-211319Screenshot_20180703-211528Screenshot_20180703-211720Screenshot_20180703-211817Screenshot_20180703-212217Screenshot_20180703-212255Screenshot_20180703-212423Screenshot_20180703-212613 (1)Screenshot_20180703-213448Screenshot_20180703-213512

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