You Should Go To Rincon Puerto Rico!

That’s what I said.. Yes! Puerto Rico! Kelly and I were lucky enough to experience Rincon last year, and it’s an amazing place. Just going to share some things with you, reasons why you should go…

Southwest flies to San Juan (Rapid Rewards much?), and no passport! It’s the USA!

Local, everything is locally owned! Restaurants, local! Shops, local! Hotels, local! Bars, local! There are NO chain restaurants, yes a couple of fast food, but I think there was maybe 3 or 4 of them?


And the restaurants were awesome! We ate a couple of times at this place called Shipwreck Bar & Grill (see above), food was delicious, very cool vibe, exotic drinks and we got to know the owner personally cause he was there behind the bar, and visiting all the tables!

Then there was our favorite hang out, The Beach House… Good food, great drinks, and this view… We took in a couple of sunsets there…

clone tag: 1734066576159449929 clone tag: -8702389031763972250There is so much beauty around Rincon, the city square, places to explore, the lighthouse, if you surf they are well known for their waves!!!  Pictures do better than words… So here’s some examples, all taken by Kelly and I…

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And the people, all the people were friendly. They were genuinely happy that we were there. We were never treated like “another tourist”.  It was like we discovered their secret, and they wanted to share it with us!

So now you’re thinking, where should I stay, where did you stay?


This place is the best! Here’s 10 things you need to know, that will convince you to stay at the Blue Boy Inn…

#10 – This place is for adults, it’s laid back, has a great vibe, you want to relax and slow down here.

#9 – The pool! (Seriously!)


#8 – There are 8 rooms total, so there’s not a “crowd”. There’s plenty of space to get some quiet time if that’s what you are after, there are also areas to hang out and get to know folks! The beautiful fire pit was my favorite!

#7 – Quality bed/mattress/sheets! Nothing ruins a vacation quicker then a bad bed! Theirs are 5 star hotel quality!


#6 – Cooked to order breakfast! No “continental” here. We are talking a chef on site making you breakfast every morning!

#5 – The gardens… No words needed, just pictures…

#4 – They provide, free of charge, Lounge Chairs & Umbrellas, Free Wi-Fi, Digital Cable TV, Coolers, Beach Chairs, Beach Towels, Snorkel Masks & More!

#3 – Air conditioning, REAL air conditioning. I have traveled over the last 25 years to Cancun, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta and Jamaica, Stayed in many resorts and every time the rooms are “somewhat” cool, but not really. And always humid, where everything was kind of dampish. I need like 70 degrees to sleep, where you need your covers just a little. The room was perfect every night!

#2 – This is just a 2 minute walk…IMG_20170917_084501260_HDR15873365_931171683679918_8787944756991428630_n

#1 – Wes and Karen Clark!


These are your hosts when you stay there. They are two of the most giving people I have ever met, and this translates to how you get treated when you stay at their bed and breakfast. They care about your vacation, they listen and then take the time to make sure you have everything you need. Just tell them what you like to do, and they will come up with a plan for you, with maps and directions, where to and more importantly where not to go!

And most of all, they take great pride in the Blue Boy Inn. You can see it in the little details, the way the property is immaculate, the cleanliness, the way everything is organized.

It’s pretty simple it’s their home, and you are family when you are there! Go see them, have a great vacation!

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