Sister, Shoulder, Daughter, Lover, Healer, Broken Halo, Mother…

I don’t understand?  I really truly don’t.

Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Franken, Louis C.K., Roy Moore, Tambor, Brett Ratner, Cosby and many more…

I am no saint. I have said things in my youth, talking with other men about women that I shouldn’t have. I realize now as I have matured, as I have grown into a man, that these conversations were wrong.

But the things these men SAID TO women, the things THEY ASKED women to do, the things they DID TO women, I just can’t get my head around what possesses a man to act in this manner. I won’t go into details of the acts, but it’s behavior that is unacceptable in ANY society!

I believe, with all my heart, that women are a gift. They are to be cherished, to be respected, to be celebrated! Women feel more, discern better, love with all their heart! Have you seen a woman give birth? I have, twice. Most men can’t comprehend what a woman is willing to do for their children, they sacrifice everything. I have often said, many times, that the female species is the superior species. Call me naive if you want, but in my eyes, at this moment in time, they are.

This just killed me the first time I heard it. I sat in my office in Nashville, with tears in my eyes. The picture in my head was my wife, my daughter and my mothers…

For men, to think “less of”, to feel they are “less than”, to think you are “superior” to a woman is just so far off the scale of rational thought, it boggles my mind.

Is it bad parenting, is it power? Is it what these men were taught, is it what they WEREN’T taught? All this might be true, but there is NO EXCUSE for it. All men know what’s right from wrong. I will give you that some small percentage of men have true mental issues/family issues, but it’s a small number. Most of these men knew it was wrong, and continued to do it anyway.

I am glad to see this topic coming to the forefront. But these are powerful people, in powerful positions that grab headlines. At the moment this is good ratings/good newspaper sales/great web hits. What about the office manager taking advantage, the store manager pressuring a woman, or the school administrator hiring a woman who truly needs that job? What about the women in everyday life, who are dealing with these issues? I have not seen their stories being told on the news, in the press at all? If this behavior is gonna change, those stories need to be told, changes need to happen on the “every man/woman” level for TRUE change.

I pray that equality happens in this world… Men and women, black and white, rich or poor. Whatever equation you can come up with, we are the same…

Romans 2:11

For God shows no partiality.

It’s that simple, the creator of this whole world sees us all the same, why should a man see a woman any different?

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