The 7 “Other” Movies I Need To See This Holiday Season!

Yes I will be going to see Justice League, Jumanji, Star Wars The Last Jedi and Pixar’s Coco! But here’s 7 more movies, some more “under the radar” than others that I really want to see…

An original musical, with Hugh Jackman about P.T. Barnum, yes please!


Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks… Do I really need to go on? Oh wait, that Spielberg guy directed too? Ah-mazing!


How about 2 Matt Damon movies? One directed by George Clooney and written with the Cohen Brothers, and the second one that looks whimsical and thought provoking!


I may be the most excited about this… A Christmas movie about THE Charles Dickens! Can you go wrong with Christopher Plummer as Scrooge!?!?


I know it’s just a trailer, but this looks like the Oscar goes to Margot Robbie…


This looks amazing… Little disappointed with the later trailers, looks more violent than this first trailer let on… Looked like something I could take Faith to, now not so much… But I still really want to see it!

I love this time of year! Deeper stories, riskier movies, great performances!

What are you looking forward to seeing…?

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