Top 5 Songs: Guilty Pleasures

Been pretty serious this week, so let’s end the week with something fun! What are your musical guilty pleasures? Let there be no shame in your game! Here’s mine…


I just love this song! Such a great beat, and they are taking the criticism about themselves and turning it into a song… Brilliant!

Barry Manilow – Read ‘Em And Weep

Yes, I am a Fanilow! Been a fan since birth, thanks mom! My Manilow playlist on Spotify is almost 60 songs. I picked this one cause the video has a “cringeworthy” quality, something my daughter has pointed out to me many times in things that I like. I also love the show tune quality of this song…

Ke$ha – Blow

I am sorry, when K-E-Dollar Sign-Ha was having a string of hits I loved them all! Unbelievable hooks, over the top lyrics and and over the top fun! Blow was the best because “no mytholigical creatures were harmed in the making of this video” and James Vanderbeek!

Taylor Swift – Fifteen

I am a 47 year old Taylor Swift fan, deal with it! #TayTay In the last 10 years, there has been few lyricists better than her, whether making country or pop music. Love Story is a masterpiece! The song Fifteen is such a heart wrenching, realistic lyric. I must have listened to it 15-20 times in a row the first time I heard it, maybe even had some “allergies” before I was done. If you have a daughter, you know what I speak of…

Adam Ant – Stand And Deliver

What can I say, I am an 80s kid! And Adam Ant was one of the coolest artists in the early 80s! No one dressed better, make up was spot on and the songs made you dance. But his sound was different than anything else out there! Take special note of all the unneeded fog machine work in this “epic” video! I think rehearsals were about an hour before filming… 🙂

What’s your Guilty Pleasure songs??? Put em in the comments below, or on the page you clicked thru…

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3 thoughts on “Top 5 Songs: Guilty Pleasures

Add yours

  1. Cars- Just what I needed
    Talking heads- once in a lifetime
    Guns and Roses- Welcome to the jungle
    Avril Lavigne- sk8er boi
    Good Charlotte- lifestyles of the rich and famous
    blink 182- I miss you

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  2. Synthesizer. Which I only actually realized a few weeks ago. I am a live music, steel guitar girl; that’s my thing. Except it’s not my “real” thing. I recently had an epiphany that all the music, the guilty pleasures of late 70’s through 80’s that I “feel”, seem to have in common a synthasizer. I’m still coming to terms with this possibility. Here’s my short list.
    1) “Careless Whisper”, because everything. 2) “Last Christmas” because I think it’s the synth sound. It’s definitely George Michael’s voice.
    3/4) ToTo, ” I Won’t Hold You Back” because Roger Sanchez “Another Chance”.
    5) Styx- Babe. The intro make my heartache in the best way. Still.
    And since you’re a fan:
    Taylor Swift, “Wildest Dreams” because Moody Blues. ( I am a sucker for the barely there throw back to “THAT” sound).
    I have so many guilty pleasures I actually have stayed too long in grocery stores because they owned me. I’m coming to own it, which means maybe I’m over the guilt and need to come to terms with Wisin y Yandel now.

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