Nomination: What Do I Do With This?

Got the news on Monday, from Josh “Rowdy Yates” Holstead. I have been nominated for the Texas Radio Hall Of Fame! Someone, somewhere out there in radio land thought to themselves “John Trapane, the guy who wears the sports jerseys, the guy who has worked at every country station in Houston, that record rep guy, that’s who I am nominating.” Really…?

Emotions experienced so far: Speechlessness, humility, surprise, dumbfoundedness (that should be a word), am i that old?, astonishment, excitement, perplexity, disbelief, honored, blessed…

So this is my thinking…

Do I really belong on the same list as Paul Berlin, Al Caldwell, Paul Christi, Terry Dorsey, Cathy Forsythe, Doug Harris, Joe Ladd, John Lander, Donna McKenzie, R.B. McEntire, Dr. Bruce Nelson, Mark Stevens and Bill Young?  Let’s not forget Walter Cronkite, Willie Nelson and Dan Rather are also on this list!

There are names missing on this list, that deserve it WAY more than me! (My opinion of course…) Just off the top of my head, Dene Hallam, Chrissie Roberts, Rudy Fernandez, Darren Davis, Jojo & Patches, Zack Owen, “Cactus Jack” Talley, Linda O’Brian, Boomer Kingston, Hudson and Harrigan (Fred Olson and Randy Hames), Big Frank Edwards, Chris Kelly, Patrick Clark, “Jammer” Jay Kelly. And fellow nominees John Cook, Sam Malone, Scott Sparks, Leslie T Travis and many others on the list this year!

Also I am currently working in the music business, the only 2 “reps” on this list are Jay Jenson and Roger Ramsey. To be on a list with them boggles the mind. I know the rules are you have had to work in radio, and I don’t know if these people qualify but the names that come to mind include John Michael Provensano (sp?), David “Bubba” Berry, Neil Harrison, Darlene Starr, Patti Martin, Greg Sax, Ann Carlos, Ken Rush, Sharon LePere, Mark Janese, Rhonda Rose and Alex Valentine.

Don’t get me wrong, if I actually get into the Hall, I will take that trophy and RUN! Just the thought of it makes my brain race. But then my next act would be to campaign for the people listed above that aren’t in. Most of them have influenced me, been a mentor to me or inspired me on my journey in this crazy business!

So whoever nominated me thank you, I was speechless for a while, but then I got my footing! 😉

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6 thoughts on “Nomination: What Do I Do With This?

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  1. If you’ve helped others even HALF as much as you have me in such a short time knowing you, You’re a shoe-in! Love ya to bits and proud to call you a mentor! #GoGetEm

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