My America

My America…

My America loves small town parades, festivals and football games.

My America believes respect and love outweigh contempt and hate.


My America believes we are all created equal because it says so in the Bible and the Declaration of Independence.

My America is the bond between mother and daughter, father and son, kids and grandparents.

My America doesn’t let children go hungry, live in poverty or be abused in any way.


My America is proud to be a melting pot of immigrants looking for a better life, a safe place to raise a family and to pursue the “American Dream”.

My America is a boat on a lake, a walk through the forest, a sunset on a beach.

My America uses the bible as a tool, not as a weapon.

My America is Bruce Springsteen’s Born In The USA, Brooks & Dunn’s Only In America and John Mellencamp’s Pink Houses!

My America is where everyone has the same opportunities and discrimination doesn’t exist.


My America is a stroll in NOLA, the lights of New York City, the majesty of Lake Michigan.

My America loves our neighbors, all our neighbors no matter what, because that’s what we are supposed to do. That’s what we are CALLED to do.

My America is a great movie, a thought provoking TV show, a song that makes you dance, a piece of art that stops you in your tracks.

My America celebrates “what makes us great”, without it becoming “what makes us different”.


My America can handle different opinions and compromises, and demands it of our leaders.

My America is little kid’s birthday parties, high school graduations and baptism Sundays.

My America finds joy in our diversity and that ALL of us are a part of something bigger.


My America is a concert venue, filled with people singing one song in unison.

My America values friendship over making enemies, kindness over vindictiveness, empowerment over disparagement.

My America is a baseball game, football on a Sunday or rooting for Team USA at the Olympics.

My America is a light in the world, not a place that keeps that light from others.

My America is about charity, sacrificing, putting someone else’s needs first.

My America is 4 walls, a wife, 2 beautiful children and 3 somewhat neurotic dogs that make my house a home!

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