10 Observations From Last Week

I was unable to write last week, so here’s a quick synopsis of the intermittent musings that went through my mind the last 7 days…

Shoe shopping with teenagers is more fun (and easier) than shoe shopping with toddlers!

downloadWatching someone’s reaction the first time they walk into Buc-ees is worth the drive every single time. Then watching them plow through a whole bag of Beaver Nuggets, despite them saying “they can’t be THAT good” is bonus fun!

I find it a little sad that when you show actual kindness to a person on a plane (offer to get their suitcase down, give up your seat because they have a small child and need 2 together, etc), they look at you with absolute shock, to the point that they don’t know how to react to a simple kindness. It’s like it doesn’t exist anymore in the real world!

The term “FrontLoading” is when you want a night on the town, but you have to be up at 6am. So you FrontLoad by heading out at 4pm, and end your night at 10pm.


1001461_4262311375530_1680002737_nI still cry on Father’s Day, he’s been gone 16 years now…

Fancy steakhouses are great, but the cheese enchiladas in South Texas blew all the other food off the map last week…

The movie “The Mummy” isn’t action enough to be an action movie, and not scary enough to be a scary movie, not horror enough to be a horror movie… It’s a movie trying to be everything to everyone… It’s just ok…

As I get older Father’s Day is all about the cards, the words spoken, the laughs shared and the extra hugs all day… (I did get a really cool keyboard for my tablet too!)

BLAY animation.gifThe best part of my job is taking a brand new artist to radio, and watching someone get up on a stage, pick up a guitar and pursue their dream. Watching programmers connect with their music and the artist themselves, starting that relationship that will be with them their whole career! http://www.brandonlay.com

What’s awesome? When one of your best friends in the world has their first child, and you know the joy they have in their hearts, and how it is going to change their world! Then they post pictures with the phrase “God is Good”. Doesn’t get any better than that!

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