Welcome To The Death Of The Age Of Reason!

There is such an alarming amount of truth in these 105 seconds. Not to mention that this was probably written 9-12 months ago when Season 5 of House of Cards was being put together. Click and watch, discussion after…

Look at how much we love our House of Representatives… Not even one out of every 5 of us approve of the job they are doing… It’s barely gotten above 25% in 9 years… The graphic below is a 10 year trend…


In the 70’s and 80’s each Congress passed anywhere from 500-800 laws. The last 3 sessions we passed 284, 296 and 329 respectfully…

Click here to see the history for yourself…  https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/statistics

What’s wrong with our government at this moment…? Let’s see…

The very rules that you and I all agreed upon.

Partisan gridlock?

Unending political funding which has been legally ruled as free speech?


Powerful lobbyists with deep pockets and agendas?

A total inability to compromise on anything due to “party lines”?

The extreme right and left grabbing hold of the “megaphone” and making the loudest noise drowning out the middle?

Super PACs?

The ability to filibuster a bill, without actually filibustering a bill?

Politicians who are maintaining a career and their power over serving their country?

The answer is YES to all of the above!

The deck is stacked, the rules are rigged!

Politics outweighs policy…

Winning trumps the needs of the constituents…

Reelection is more important than moving the country forward…

In the end, I don’t care if you love me or hate me… Just as long as I win.

And here’s the kicker, Frank Underwood is right!

We, the electorate have been asleep at the wheel. We are ALL guilty. We have let this culture in our government take hold, we have elected the same people over, and over and over…

In the 2016 election, just over one out of every 2 people voted! 44.3% of us didn’t even take 30 minutes on a Tuesday to vote… This graph from Pew Research shows how, we as a country, cared about voting…


This isn’t a Republican or a Democratic issue, both parties are playing their game. They are in it for themselves. I am sure there are some good people up there in Washington, trying to get something done, but they are drowned out by the career politicians.

What can you do…? Get involved! I am not talking about picking a candidate, hitting the streets and working on a campaign (but you should if you are inspired to). I am just talking about reading, listening, forming your OWN OPINION about issues that face our country. Spend time and find out what a candidate believes in, look at their voting record watch WHOLE speeches on line, not just sound clips on the news.

Is it hard to find news that isn’t slanted one direction or another? Yes, I agree it’s very hard, but you can find it. Or listen to both megaphones, take one night and watch Fox News, but then take the next night and watch MSNBC. But do it with an open mind, listening to both point of views, and come up with you own…

The only way (IMO) we can change this country of ours, and get going in a positive direction, is to become an educated electorate again…

Let’s face it, Frank Underwood is a fictional character, but he’s hitting a little TOO CLOSE to home…

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