The Last 2 Weeks…

I feel like I am walking on uneven ground. Actually, it feels like the ground is changing and moving underneath my feet. You see… Life is happening, and at this moment it is happening at an accelerated rate!

And this isn’t one of those “the world is unraveling” things, to be truthful it’s just the opposite! There are wonderful, amazing things happening in my life right now! Things you dream of as a parent and as a husband. But it doesn’t mean that it’s not difficult…

My son has graduated High School! He is also turning 18! When he was born on June 2nd 1999, I never thought about having to deal with BOTH of these life changing moments in the same week! We didn’t schedule that well… 😉 He is an amazing kid (man child?)! He is kind, thoughtful, stands up for what he believes in! I couldn’t be more proud… But he is fast becoming an adult! He is this mix of teenager and adult all at once. Unbelievably mature at times, and a total teenager other times. Having to navigate this “transformation” with him is rewarding and head scratching all at the same time.

The questions I am asking my wife and myself are wide ranging. Can we still make him cut his hair? If he’s still doing household chores, do we still pay him allowance? How much of the car insurance should he pay for? He has to work right, how many hours? When does he have to be home now? Are all family functions still mandatory? Can we send him back to his room to change his clothes when he has chosen incorrectly? The rules are changing…

It’s like EVERYTHING has changed… It’s just another birthday right? (I guess it’s not…)

Then there’s my daughter… She’s now a High Schooler! Seriously, my “baby girl” is not only going to High School in the fall, but she has also decided to take summer school to get a jump on her classes! She has one week off, then back to school for a whole month! BTW her electives for this fall are Show Choir and welding! She’s dressing more and more like an adult every day… She rocks a nice dress with combat boots, she has her own sense of style! She just bought Chuck Taylors! My mom reminded me over the weekend of someone else she knew who did the same thing at her age! #thriftstores

We are starting to have conversations about “real life stuff”! She is mature for her age, and a teenager in full force other days! Navigating high school with a teenage daughter, I am getting new, stronger seat belts installed in our lives…

Small side note: We went to see U2 last week in Houston, U2 is part of my musical DNA, it’s one of the bands that “formed me”! And to see my daughter singing and dancing to U2 with “reckless abandon” was one of the highlights of my life so far! Liam and Kelly were right next to her, singing along.  🙂   It was great feeling being able to share that moment, that unbelievable emotion and experience of watching U2 live, something I have done many times in my past. But it was completely different this time, it was OUR shared experience, and that night will be something I treasure for a VERY long time…

Then there’s Kelly, my beautiful wife! She has accepted the position of Administrative Assistant at our church! Which is awesome! A friend of ours has already labeled her “The Church Lady” and this has taken a life of it’s own! Kelly hasn’t had a “real office job” in years. (She has been raising our kids, and if that’s not a real job, I don’t know what is). This is such a great opportunity for her, to be part of an office, to be part of a great church staff, to be serving at our church this way. I am very proud of my wife, for the woman she is, and I am very excited for her to start this next chapter in her life! So starting in the last week of June, our daily schedule/routine will be changing.

All of these things are awesome and good, but…


So I am taking this moment, recognizing that things are changing, and trusting in this…

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – Jeremiah 29:11

Life is moving forward and to be honest… I am enjoying the ride!

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  1. Great post! Life moves so quickly, especially with kiddos around; it is good to stop and take a moment to see where you are and appreciate it for what it is. I have an older daughter who turns 22 in a couple of days (where did the time go?!) and now I am on round two of raising kids. I really feel that this gives me a whole new outlook this time around, because I know how fast it went the first time! 😉 Congratulations to both of your kiddos, for one exiting and one entering, and to your lovely wife’s new position! 🙂

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