George Strait = Texas

This not a new concept. For those of us who live here, this is something we KNOW, something that’s ingrained in our culture. It’s not like you have to be a “country fan” to have this special knowledge, if you live in Texas you know who George Strait is. Of course you call him “The King”, “King George” or just simply “The Man”…

Today is George Strait’s birthday. Back in the day when I was at 93Q Country, KIKK and KILT Houston, we would play George Strait for 24 hours “Strait”! Not on a weekend, a weekday if it fell that way. No other artist, not even even Garth at his apex got that kind of treatment in Texas. And we wouldn’t get a single solitary complaint from any listeners at all. Those who loved him LOVED it, and those who didn’t understood it.

This Wrangler ad says so much…

george strait wrangler

The Texas State Legislature officially appoints George Strait with their top honor today as 2017’s State Musician… It is an honor for sure, but he is that every single year in Texas. Am I wrong?

He’s played for over ONE MILLION people just at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo alone…


So go ahead and take a moment today and listen to some George Strait hits… Amarillo By Morning, Check Yes or No, All My Exes, Carrying Your Love With Me, Heartland, Write This Down, Living and Living Well, Ocean Front Property, and the list goes on and on and on…

But may I suggest you dig a little deeper?

Dig up the coolness of Blame It On Mexico, Down Louisiana Way, Drinking Champagne, Marina Del Rey and Let’s Fall To Pieces Together…

Get your Texas Swing on with Any Old Time, Big Balls in Cowtown and Dance Time In Texas!

How bout some Heartache? You Can’t Make a Heart Love Somebody, Give It Away, Today My World Slipped Away and I’d Like To Have That One Back…

The emotion of So Much Like My Dad, What’s Going On In Your World, Lead On, When Did You Stop Loving Me and Run.

Is there anything better than Milk Cow or Love Sick Blues?

Have some fun with Ace In The Hole, Hollywood Squares, Hot Grease and Zydeco, Overnight Male, Christmas Cookies and Fly Me To The Moon with Frank Sinatra!

And dig deep into the lyrics of The Nerve, Chill Of An Early Fall, Nobody In His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her, Cold Beer Conversation and IMO his greatest song The Chair!

Happy Birthday George!


I’ll be listening to this all day…

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