10 Things I Love About Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks returns on Sunday night (Showtime), and I just spent the last 4 weeks binging all 30 episodes… So I thought I would take a moment and share what I love about Twin Peaks…

#1 – The use of the thumbs up gesture…maxresdefault (1)

#2 – Andy and Lucy: This is the best romance on the show, and there are many! They represent the innocence of Twin Peaks. Andy’s crying brings you in to the real pain of what’s going on. Lucy’s “anger” about the men in her life is just hysterical!Andy and Lucy

#3 – The Theme Song: In all the history of TV, has an opening song set the mood more perfectly than Angelo Badalementi’s 90 seconds? It’s haunting, it’s serene, it’s peaceful, and full of possible darkness all at once… He has 4-5 pieces of music that are used time and time again in the score that really defines the show…

#4 – The Log Lady: Can you have gravitas AND be quirky all at the same time? This character does…


#5 – Audrey Horne: The teenager playing at adult! (Audrey’s Dance, another great piece of music)

#6 – Twin Peaks has it’s own survival guide… (fan made)cf355f9528073e382ebc24f1905d0b46

#7 – Gordon Cole: Hard of hearing, “loud talking” at the most inappropriate times, Gordon has a sweetness that’s undeniable. He deeply cares for the people who work for him, and has a special place in his heart for Agent Cooper when things go bad. Not to mention his ability to hear Shelly Johnson perfectly, and his infatuation with her…


#8 – Albert Rosenfield: The most angry, caring, hateful, loving human being ever put on screen! His rants and insults rate right up there with Dr. Cox on Scrubs!

#9 – This moment: Saw an interview with Kyle MacLachlan, where he explained that this was totally improvised… The llama was just supposed to walk thru, but it stopped and looked at Agent Cooper and kept walking… I laugh every time, this moment captures the quirkiness of the show perfectly!

#10 – Diane: You never see her, never get to know her, but you know she’s the most important person in Cooper’s life… He shares all his innermost thoughts and feelings. She’s also the only one in the show that knows everything that’s going on…


What do you love about Twin Peaks…? I’ll be in front of the TV on Sunday, will you?

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