Do You LOVE Your Marriage?

Not your wife, not your husband (which I am hoping that you do!), but your marriage. This is a very interesting concept. My pastor, Dr. Jamie Greening, put this “out there” on Sunday morning… Do YOU love your marriage?

Do you love that you HAVE someone to spend the rest of your life with?

Do you love sharing a bathroom, a pet that wasn’t your first choice (2nd or 3rd) or making someone else smile?

Do you love doing what’s right for the other person, when that isn’t always what’s best for you?

Do you love going to the movie you didn’t want to go to or being the one who has to kill every bug that comes in the house?

How about sharing someone else’s pain? Fear?

Do you love putting someone’s goals/aspirations/needs before your own?

Do you love being with someone on vacation, at a location you may have not wanted to go to?

How about hair in the tub drain, raising kids together, taking care of someone else when they are sick?

Do you love being 50% of a decision? (sometimes much less…)

Do you love your in-laws? (read that again…)

Do you love to make a decision by compromising?

You don’t just love your spouse, you have to love your marriage! It’s like a third thing, right? So there’s you and your spouse and then your marriage. And it’s the marriage that you have to learn to love.

Dr. Jamie Greening (sermon on 5/7/19)

I think this view of marriage puts it into perspective! It is the hard part, loving the marriage, that’s where the true effort comes in. I am lucky to have been married now 25 years, and I am still working at it every day. And to be honest, I love the work!

This is my wish for everyone reading this, whatever stage you are in a relationship right now. Love your marriage, I think it’s the key! And thank you Jamie for putting into words this beautiful picture of a marriage…

If you would like to hear the whole sermon, I highly recommend clicking on the link below…

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Listen to sermon here

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  1. If you love the Giver of marriage and consider Him as an integral part of the covenant between husband and wife, then you love marriage and are good to go!


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