The Allen Wrench is Evil!

Seriously, who invented this instrument of torture!? I just spent my weekend putting together 8 chairs and 2 tables all using an allen wrench!

My hands are cramping and swollen, my fingertips are red and irritated and this doesn’t even count the tightness of my back, or the soreness in my neck.

It took roughly 8-9 hours to fully put these items together, which is fine except I am pretty sure that if they had a tool invented for people with normal sized hands, it would have been done in half that time…

I went on Google to search who invented this cruel instrument of construction. His name was William G Allen of the Allen Manufacturing Company. The company still exists to this day… Unfortunately there is no picture on Google images, cause I was going to make a dart board with his picture on it! Of course I can’t throw darts for a couple of days, due to the swelling and possible blisters that might arise…

I appreciate that himself, and I am sure generations of his family will never go hungry because they are all probably millionaires due to his invention. But usually a company invents something like this, then improves upon it, makes it better, more user friendly. I wonder why they hate all of us, and keep making us use this thing…

This is my rant for the day… I feel better.

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