Spoiler Alert: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Is All About…

Family… Plain and simple!


It explores the dynamics of estrangement, sibling rivalry, the need for attention, parenting, abandonment, resentment, death, emotional scars, love, loss, pain and suffering.

It deals with daddy issues, sister issues, sibling issues, family issues and group dynamic issues! How relationships effect one another, expressing anger love & fear and making sacrifices and compromises for one another in the family dynamic.

This movie, which is about a bunch of flawed misfits in outer space who save the galaxy, takes on a lot of emotional baggage and DELIVERS on it in a profound and, to be honest, very beautiful way… (You’ll have to watch it to find out how.)

Now the movie itself? Here’s some key observations…

The action/effects are outstanding, almost sensory overload in places there is so much going on all at once. (Will see a 2nd time to take everything in…) The CGI is never distracting, top rate effects! Some very original camera shots/angles that will blow you away…

The soundtrack is as awesome as the first! Fleetwood Mac, George Harrison, ELO and Cat Stevens are all prominent in the movie. And who knew that this song could play a HUGE part in the plot… ?

The comedy, the one liners, the 80’s references are all delivered on the mark. Drax’s way of “everything being literal” is funnier and better executed than the first movie. Rocket has some unbelievable lines and is still as angry as ever…


Kurt Russell, do I need to say more?

I was worried with all excitement around Baby Groot and the exposure in the trailers, that the character couldn’t live up to the hype. Wrong! There is so much more you haven’t seen yet. The first 5 minutes alone… Baby Groot almost steals the movie.


Yondu, in my opinion actually does. I won’t go into specifics but Yondu is the emotional core of this movie… Michael Rooker deserves so much credit for taking this character to a whole different level, and doing it without changing the core of who Yondu is…


At 2 hours and 18 minutes, not a minute is wasted, it never drags, the movie is in constant forward motion… Director James Gunn kept this ship tight and focused from first to last frame.

I HIGHLY recommend this movie, not just because it makes you laugh, not just because it is a great roller coaster ride but most importantly because it has a very big heart!

And don’t leave when the credits start rolling, 5 different end credit scenes. (Yes, 5!)

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