My Top 5 Alt Rock Songs From The 90’s!

OK, here’s another Top 5 list. This one was HARD to put together!!! I am sure I will offend folks by not having Nirvana or PJ in my top 5, but it IS mine… 😉 Take a look, what do you think? Make sure to leave your comments below…

Sabotage – Beastie Boys 

This song just screams at you, musically, sonically and lyrically! And the 1970’s TV Cop show video with bad mustaches, wide lapels and car chases is a perfect fit! This song is raw, unpolished, angst ridden goodness!

Dada – Dizz Knee Land

This is a personal choice, since I “championed” it as a single on Power Hits K-106 in Beaumont Texas. I love the sing song happiness vibe while the term “Dizz Knee Land”, which sounds like Disney Land, but actually stands for how crazy and messed up the world is. The sarcasm is thick with this one…

The Fly – U2

Sgt Peppers is to the Beatles as Achtung Baby is to U2. This album was the reinvention of U2. With heavy German influence, and guitars sounding like a crunching industrial factory, this song was the launch of Bono’s persona The Fly. Bono described the song’s subject as that of a phone call from someone in Hell who enjoys being there and telling the person on the other end of the line what he has learned. Deep stuff!

Cannonball – The Breeders

Ok… First of all, the bass line is awesome! The happiness of the groove and then the ear piercing feedback into grinding guitars and distorted vocals. I feel this is one of the BEST representations of 90’s Alt Rock!

Spitting in a wishing well, Blown to hell, Crash, On the last splash… What does that mean? Doesn’t matter, it was the 90s…  🙂

Always On The Run – Lenny Kravitz

C’mon, this song holds up even today! Such a powerful lyric, matched by a powerful voice with Slash killing it on the guitar. Take mama’s advice…

My mama said
Baby don’t ride that crazy horse
And my mama said
You must push with much force
And my mama said
Go get all that you’re after
And my mama said
That love’s all that matters

Honorable mention: Hunger Strike – Temple Of The Dog, Creep – Radiohead, Give It Away – Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Distance – Cake, Where It’s At – Beck, One Week – Barenaked Ladies, Go – Pearl Jam

What’s your Top 5?

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6 thoughts on “My Top 5 Alt Rock Songs From The 90’s!

Add yours

  1. 3 Strange Days-School of Fish
    Sir Psycho Sexy-RHCP
    Black-Pearl Jam
    Found Out About You-Gin
    NOT because these are my favorites, but because they are the alt soundtrack to my 90’s memories

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  2. Ha ha ha! Okay…this is hard! Hhhhmmmm…..My 90’s soundtrack would probably include these in the top 5, in no particular order:

    Tori Amos – Silent all these years
    Jane’s Addiction – Been caught stealin’
    Green Day – When I come around
    Weezer – Say it ain’t so
    RHCP – Under the bridge

    (these songs also bring me back to the 90’s: Jewell -who will save your soul, Alanis Morisette- All I really want, U2 – mysterious ways, B52’s – loveshack).

    Crazy how music can instantly bring you back in time… 😉

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