Playoffs With No One To “Play With”?

So sports, when you are a fan, is really a community thing isn’t it? You have your team, you wear your jersey, you invite friends over or head over to the sports bar and watch the game! Playoff football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, yes even hockey is better when you have a group of people for, or against to share it with.

And the beauty of our new world is that we have social media to extend this community. You can root for your favorite team, or root against your competitor with friends from all across the country! I am currently part of a closed group on Facebook called “The Countrified NFC East “Discussion” Board. We post messages, pictures and articles and talk trash about each other’s teams, and there are GREAT rivalries in the NFC East between the Cowboys, Eagles, Giants and my Redskins. It’s kind of awesome actually!

And I just had a great time with my friend Sean Baligan, as we talked friendly trash over 1400 miles as my NY Rangers defeated the Montreal Canadiens in round 1.

So here’s my issue…

I know of NO ONE who is a Ottawa Senator fan.

On Facebook I went to the Senators page, and I don’t have a single solitary friend who liked their page.

Who will I “talk trash” with?

Who will text me when there is a great goal scored?

Who will I send this meme to?


Who will I banter with about the lack of power play goals?

No one it looks like… Well, it’s gonna be a lonely round #2 starting tonight… But hey LET’S GO RANGERS!!!

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