My Top 5 Songs Over 7 Minutes Long

As promised, a new Top 5. My 5 favorite songs that are over 7 minutes long. This does not include 12-inch mixes or extended mixes, that’s another Top 5 for another time… As always comment below if you think I missed one, if you think I am crazy or give me your Top 5!

Badman’s Song – Tears for Fears

My understanding is this song was written when Roland overheard members of the road crew on the Big Chair tour badmouthing him one night through his hotel room wall. I love all the tempo changes and the exchanges between Roland and Oleta Adams!


Driving The Last Spike – Genesis

This song is pure genius. The visual imagery just jumps out and grabs you! You can feel the trains… It’s actually about Irish immigrants who left they’re families and homes to come to England and build the railways. It’s a beautiful tribute to those people…


Bad (Live) – U2

I’ll just let Bono explain this one… Bono: “This is…this is a song about the city we grew up in. A song about Dublin city. And a song about a drug called heroin that’s tearing our city in two…that’s tearing the…the heart out of the city of Dublin…tearing the heart out of the city of Chicago. Rich people stuff dollars in the back of their pocket while poor men lie in gutters with needles stuck in their arms. Screw them, I say. This is a song about a friend of mine who was given on his 21st birthday enough heroin into his bloodstream to kill him. This is a song called Bad.”


DMSR – Prince

NSFW, but this is such a dance floor jam! For those of you not familiar with this song, it was an obscure cut on the “1999” album, & later featured in the movie, “Risky Business”. DMSR says it all- Dance, Music, Sex, Romance! Not a deep meaning, but sure is fun to dance to! (Enjoy the bonus Musicology)


Scenes From An Italian Restaurant – Billy Joel

Is this song a pair of old friends (or former lovers) reminiscing, or  are all three of these things happening at the same time in the same restaurant in NYC? It really doesn’t matter, what matters is the beautiful painting that forms. It’s everyday life made into something beautiful!


Honorable mention goes to Layla – Derek & The Dominoes, When The Levee Breaks – Led Zeppelin, Got To Give It Up – Marvin Gaye, What Goes Around Comes Around – Justin Timberlake, Blue Monday – New Order, Paradise By The Dashboard Light – Meatloaf and Let’s Dance – David Bowie…

What do you think?

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One thought on “My Top 5 Songs Over 7 Minutes Long

Add yours

  1. Nice list. I’m surprised to see “What Goes Around..” there, but I agree it’s great, but is more a club remix which makes it too easy to find tracks that last all night.
    “Blue Monday”, yes. “November Rain” should be there, Hotel California, I think, is that long, and there’s a few Frampton, Led Zeppelin ( or, I think, even Robert Plant), and of course the Doors. I like Chemical Brothers “Galvanize”. There was a extended version I recorded (from a live radio performance in Austin) of “Coyote Love” by Joe Walsh in the early 90’s that I could do my whole work out to in one song, but my cassette tape finally wore out. Fun topic. Definitely a pattern here of ‘altered minds’ creating.

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