Spoiler Alert: Kong is…

Serious… Tom Hiddleston is serious.


Samuel Jackson is very serious.


John Goodman… also serious.


Brie Larson… You guessed it.


John C. Reilly… His comedy relief, also serious.


Big monkey… Serious.


But you know what wasn’t taken seriously? The script. This movie is probably enjoyable for a 13 year old boy who wants to see things go on rampages, big bugs and things blown up. But for the most part it takes it self too seriously, but occasionally tries to be funny and misses.

I had high hopes as this is movie #2 in a series, Godzilla in 2014 was the kick off to the franchise that will wind up with Kong and Godzilla battling it out on the big screen. I thought Godzilla in 2014 was VERY well done, had good story, good acting and was very captivating.

Most of the characters here are one dimensional, Jackson and Hiddleston have one facial expression for 95% of the movie. John C Reilly actually has the most rounded out and developed character in the whole movie, and he has almost all of the best moments in the film.

The premise is off, the story gets disjointed at times and to top it all off the relationship between Kong and Mason (Brie Larson) is actually ham-fisted and forced. I bet all the money in my pocket that the original script didn’t have that element in the movie (trying to do something different), and the studio came back and told Jordan Vogt-Roberts to find some way to put it in.

There’s some great CGI sequences in the movie, but there are several that actually distract you from the movie cause they are herky-jerky and look odd to the eye.

This should have been more Godzilla 2014, Jurassic World and Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them, turned out to be more Warcraft and The Great Wall…

Kong is… just not that good, and I left the theater with this thought  😦


Let me know what you think…



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