Yes… sort of… I guess?

I keep thinking I don’t have time for this, for sharing thoughts that are inside my head & heart. But I keep getting pulled back to it. So instead of fighting it, I’ll lean in for a while and commit myself to it…

I changed the name, which is an accurate description and has the benefit of managing any expectation you (or I) might have of what it should be. Intermittent Musings of a Middle Aged Mind, that’s what you’re going to get.

What will I talk about? Let’s see what’s rolling through my mind right now that I might delve into: Parenting, teaching Sunday school, an album that is truly unappreciated from Tears for Fears, being a father of a boy/man that’s about to graduate high school, the joy of musical soundtracks, 25 years of marriage (almost), why my daughter is taking welding next year as an elective, civil discourse & policies (not politicians), why my Redskins torture me so and much more…

So if you’re interested, sign up and you can receive this via email, or just click thru when it hits my social networks…

Talk to you soon…


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