The last couple of days the “weight” of all the negativity, posturing, fear, anger and worry flying around TV, radio and social networks has really weighed me down… And I am feeling that I need to put something positive out there to combat it… I could have written something on my blog (and I still might), but instead took that energy and made a playlist! It’s below…

“Never Trust A DJ Who Never Dances”… This is not just any playlist, it’s a playlist that YOU can use to escape all that I just listed above… This is a playlist of my favorite impact dance songs, the ones that are guaranteed to pack the floor! (For those of you that didn’t know, I was a club DJ in the late 80’s/early 90’s.) We are talking Disco, New Wave, Industrial, Alt-Rock, Hip Hop, Top 40 and things you would never think of… Now there are several songs you haven’t heard before, that’s my personal indulgence… 🙂

For parents, this is a PG 13 playlist… Some content not suitable… I tried to get all the “clean” versions, but there are some songs i just couldn’t leave off…

And if you have ANY suggestion, songs I missed, let me know!





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