2015… More and Less

New Year’s eve I watched 2 videos on YouTube, 2 videos that are non-related, but totally got my mind racing… It got me thinking what I want more of in 2015, and what I want less of…

I want more of this…

This is an amazing act of random kindness… Some people run down Taylor, but I don’t… She has proved time and time again that she is who she is, and people can take her or leave her. She’s not gonna let “the game” change who she is…

and less of this…

I am sorry, I have not deeply researched what this Christian organization does, or what good work they do in their community or around the world… But to put a billboard in front of a million people on New Years Eve, and you use the term “To All Our Intolerant Liberal Friends, thank God for freedom”… C’mon… Does that statement show love? Does it show Grace? Is it Christ like?… It totally negates what good they might do, in my opinion.

So these got me thinking… what do “we” (the collective us) need more and less of in 2015…?

We need more inspiration and less humiliation…We need more giving and less taking… We need more “how are we the same” and less “how we are different”… We need more understanding and less judging… We need more solutions and less politics… We need more Jesus and less Pharisees… We need more education and less “narrow mindedness”… We need more dreamers and less critics… We need more “stand up” and less “put down”… We need more “how it is” and less “what it looks like”… We need more “us” less “them”… We need more listening and less ignoring… We need more serving and less self-serving… We need to learn more truth and accept less fiction… We need to care more and hurt less…

So I am not gonna make a resolution this year… Just gonna try, day by day, to be “more” to everyone in my life and those I come across, and strive to eliminate the “less” in my life…

Happy New Year everyone!

Here’s to 2015!

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